About CREaM

CREaM has thus been established to stimulate research and conduct consultancy in all areas of economic development activity that sit at the interface between Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship – with a focus upon firms operating within the key economic sectors as identified by the Welsh Government. CREaM is also the home of the ASTUTE project (Advanced Sustainable Manufacturing Technologies), The High Street Academy (Retail and Town Centre regeneration) and the Sales Academy (Sales research, training and development).

CREaM has a consultancy and research emphasis on Micro businesses and SMEs (due to their criticality to economic well being and wealth generation), although consultancy and research for and with organisations of different structures and operating frameworks is regularly undertaken, for example:

  • Large Companies (we have worked with a number of large companies ranging from Banks to Retail to Manufacturing to Exploration)
  • 3rd Sector (not-for-profit) (recent work has included Retail and Charity)
  • and Public Sector Organisations (including Education, Community Support and LGA’s)

Therefore the scope of research activity undertaken by members of CREaM may fall into one or all of the following perspectives:

  • The size and structure of the entrepreneurial enterprise (to include, micro, small and medium business, public sector, social, NGO and nation)
  • Leadership within entrepreneurial organisations
  • The nature of entrepreneurship in marketing
  • The nature of marketing in entrepreneurship
  • The study of the interface between Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Additionally CREaM encourages the investigation of issues that have a wider SME research implication yet fall in the interface between Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship:

  • Entrepreneurial competencies
  • Management competencies
  • Leadership competencies
  • The role of entrepreneurship in the development of an organisation
  • The role of marketing in the development of an organisation
  • The role of creativity in the development of an organisation
  • The ‘life’ stages of an organisation and ‘critical episode’ analysis
  • The influence of external help, support and networks
  • Opportunity recognition
  • Effectuation
  • Entrepreneurial strategic management and leadership
  • Cultural and sociological aspects of the entrepreneur
  • Cross cultural and cross economies studies
  • Methodological development
  • Pedagogic development

CREaM Aim:

The aim of CREaM is twofold – research and economic development.

Research Aim – to develop insight and therefore understanding of the contribution Entrepreneurship and Marketing makes to economic and social development.

Economic Development Aim – to undertake joint projects, applied research and consultancy with firms and organisations where our research outcomes can be used as a basis for further economic stimulation and commercial development.

Given this aim the outcomes will be of interest to researchers, practitioners and policymakers worldwide and as such CREaM takes an international perspective to its policy driven output – both in activity and dissemination.

We welcome enquiries about our work from the business and research community and especially welcome enquires from aspiring entrepreneurs and PhD students.